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Enugu Industrial Park

A modern industrial and manufacturing hub in Enugu, Nigeria

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The Industrial park is a modern city within a city designed to accommodate different lifestyles. Our task was to develop a responsive and easy navigation website.


Jan, 2020




Digital Design

The Challenge

The challenge was creating an online presence that keeps interested persons update about the activities and progress of the project in a way that’s seamless and straight forward. It also required synchronizing images from their Instagram feed to the website.

The Solution

Our approach was to present the site as an easy to use content management system where its administrators can easily and quickly make changes to the site at any time and achieved the desired result. Introductory video of the hub was also embedded on the website for easy understanding.

“The website is smooth, simple and fast. The tools you’ve given us has made lead generation a walk in the park and our conversion rates are going great”

Robert Ngwu
EnuguiPark Team Member


After launch, brand awareness increased. The project also got the eye of investors and the web presence added authenticity to the project.

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